What's the deal?

The why!

Packing Shed Cafe and Quaaron Industries presents Evening Sun Festival on Sunday, 25th November, 2018  @ Packing Shed Cafe.

Evening Sun festival was conceptualised to bring together the local community through music and performance art.

The vision has been bubbling away in a few heads for a while and is centered on "a home away from home", 

The festival is hosted at Packing Shed Cafe. which has an indoor/outdoor space created by locals for locals. We intend to create an atmosphere that fosters collaboration & a sense of shared love of the music, arts and of course food.  If you like the lush, beautiful surroundings of the west, you will love the location of the festival where we play and listen to music together as a community while sharing some fantastic kai in the backyard.

We put a huge value on the arts and the conversations that surround it. Combined with food in our lives, the evening sun festival is setup to give all of us a small break within a small creative space.

Will you stretch, shrink, roll and jiggle with us?



How was the deal?

Documented here.

Festival Map